Fighter of All Things Evil and Ungood

Age: 18
Major: Undeclared

Skunk sees evil people...all the time. He believes the world to be the playground of demonic forces, but his lunatic antics and complete lack of rationality cause others to take him less than seriously. As a result, he fights alone, using a combination of his sword Wasabi-san, the summon White Rabbit, and the "Flying Penguin" style of martial arts. Skunk's misguided machismo makes him a flop with the ladies, although his tireless hunting of demons leaves him little time for sleep, much less a girlfriend. Despite this, he's taken a shine to Ariel, but his attraction to her appears to have little to do with romance and more to do with what he perceives as demon-hunting potential.

Intellectual and Skeptic Extraordinaire

Age: 19
Major: English

Despite passing himself off as a jaded sophisticate, Caleb is not above the occasional verbal jab at Skunk's expense. While he correctly characterizes Skunk as a nutcase, his disbelief in the existence of demons makes him the main target of Buster and Poindexter's pranks. His practiced skepticism requires satisfaction in these unusual situations, but Caleb has learned to forgo seeking an explanation for such phenomena in favor of cleaning up after them. This is especially true after nearly losing his soul left him in a traumatized state for days.



Not Just Another Pretty Face

Age: 19
Major: Art History

Ariel is an acquaintance of Skunk's and an unrequited attraction of Caleb's. While she feels no particular affection for either of the two, her innate sense of consideration causes her to at least treat them respectfully. Ariel has always played along with Skunk's ideosyncrasies, but a recent night spent demon hunting with him has her wondering if Skunk may not be as crazy as he seems. Regarding Caleb, Ariel seeks to remain on friendly terms without raising Caleb's misguided hopes. Strangely, she cares enough about Caleb to risk her life to save his endangered soul, but not enough to date him.

A Different Sort of Demon Hunter

Age: 18
Job: Emissary of the Order of Universal Light

Mysterious and aloof, Viggantine is the demon-hunting alter ego of Candy Appleby, a classmate of Skunk's. Unlike Skunk, she seeks to capture demons, rather than destroy them. She hopes demons will aid in her quest to escape her obtrusive parents, although how her means will reach that end remains unknown. Whatever her plans, she was desperate enough to steal Caleb's soul and lure a monstrous demon she could not subdue. Being saved from her prey by Skunk has left her bitter and plotting anew. While she hates Skunk with a passion, her knowledge of Buster and Poindexter's existence means their paths will likely cross again.



Student with a Secret

Age: 18
Major: Psychology

Candy is the face behind Viggantine's mask. She is close friends with Ariel, a position which often places her in uncomfortably close contact with Skunk. Her need to protect her secret double life prevents her from expressing her antipathy towards Skunk outright. Candy avoids Skunk whenever possible, but the strain she feels when around him frequently causes her to lash out towards other, slightly more innocent individuals. She may soon be forced to avoid Caleb as well, since he believes he knows Viggantine's alter ego, although he has never stated exactly who he thinks it is.

Quite the Little Devils

Age: yes
Job: Tormentors of the Weak-Minded

Despite residing under their bunk beds, Buster and Poindexter have thus far eluded the eyes of both Skunk and Caleb. Although they are demons charged with the corruption of mankind, Buster and Poindexter spend much of their time plotting and playing childish pranks. Their favorite target is Caleb, since his stubborn disbelief puts him at a loss to explain phenomena such as sour cream in his cap. While Buster and Poindexter appear to be all play and no work, evidence suggests they possess power beyond practical jokes.

Buster and Poindexter